Friday, April 19, 2013

Bowling Set

  When our son discovered "real" food, one of his favorite things to eat was Puffs (he even got them for Christmas presents).  The containers were so cool that I started saving them with the idea that eventually I would make something out of them ... and that something turned out to be this bowling set!  It took a while to go through ten of them, but he was more than willing to do whatever was necessary to use them up.

  All that I needed for this project were the ten containers, two rolls of colored duct tape (Home Depot has racks of different colors), and some sawdust to put in the containers to weigh them down a little bit.  With all the fun stuff Andrew has been building, we have enough of that to fill up some wheelbarrows!  

  I filled each puff container up to the neck with sawdust, and then cut a piece of yellow Duck Tape to the right length.  I split the tape in half and used each half to secure one lid to the containers.  You don't want the baby eating the sawdust!  You could also use sand to weigh down the containers, but I'd only put a small amount  - you wouldn't want them to be too heavy.

  Once the lid is on, I cut a length of red Duck Tape and used a blade and cutting board to divide that piece into four thinner strips. I didn't bother measuring this to get a perfect cut, but you can if you want :)

  I put two strips on each of the ten puff containers, and when I was done with the tape I had a cute homemade bowling set.

  I found the "bowling" balls in the Target dollar bins, (I also saw some ones that would have worked at the Christmas Tree Shop). They're pretty light, so he can move them around okay.  Heavier ones would do a better job knocking the pins down.

  This was part of my birthday gift to Perrin, and he loves it ..... well okay, he doesn't actually realize what you are supposed to do!  He thinks you are supposed to chew on the balls and crawl over the bowling pins.  But hey, he's only one year old - what else do you expect?!?

10 Puff Containers
2 Rolls of Duck Tape - I got these at Home Depot
Sawdust or Sand

Cutting Board

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