Monday, September 30, 2013

Spray Paint Canvas Drop Cloth Pillows

This project started out as a birthday gift for my sister in law Johanna, but I liked it so much that I went on to update all of my own throw pillows. 
  I'd seen in my May issue of Martha Stewart Living an article about projects you could make from Canvas Drop Cloth and one of the project was throw pillows. I'd also found a few blog posts about spray painting pillows, which I found kinda intriguing and wanted to try.
  Andrew picked up a canvas drop cloth for me at Lowe's, the smallest they carried was 9' by 6' - way bigger than I needed. That is why I ended up doing all of my pillows too - I had plenty of canvas! I also picked up two cans of spray paint from Lowe's, an orange and a blue.

 These two blogs "This Thrifty House" and "V and Co:" have instructions on how to set up the pillows to spray paint so you can check them out for the how-to.

My stencils

I cut out the circles from a sheet of freezer paper and ironed it onto the canvas.

Spray painted.

This is the pillow I made for Johanna with orange and blue circles of different sizes.

  For the stripes I just used 3 inch wide painters tape, then I did a second and third round and made pin strips with orange. I really like how they turn out!

Here they are with the blue spray paint, I made orange pin strips by using more tape to make thinner strips and to cover the already painted parts. The top right pillow piece is a pillow back, I just lightly sprayed the cloth to give it a marbled look. I did that for all the pillow backs except the one I did for Johanna, hers was the same on both sides.

 Then I put them wrong sides together (so painted sides out) and sewed them together on three sides. I sewed it once and then checked to make sure the pillow form fit. Side note: I got the pillow forms at a yard sale, washed and dried them and they were ready to use. Once I was sure it fit I re-sewed over the stitches two more times with a smaller stitch setting - the canvas rips out easily so you want to make sure to do this.

  Insert the pillow form - if you couldn't figure out this picture. :)

Pin it in place and sew. I ended up using a tissue box to prop up the pillow as I was sewing to make it easier (thought I took a picture of it but can't seem to find it - sorry). It helps to prop it up otherwise its hard to sew it shut - the fatter the throw pillow the harder it is to sew shut. I sewed that seam three times over as well. Once its all sewed together I used a ripper to fringe the edges of the canvas - this took a while to do but looks awesome!

  Here are my "new" pillows, I really like how they turned out! Its an inexpensive way to up date you throw pillows.
  I just got the newest Crate and Barrel catalog and they have these Eyelash Throw Pillows you could totally copy cat them with these pillows. All you need is some canvas and spray paint and that won't cost you $30.

Supply List:
Light Weight Canvas Drop Cloth
Spray Paint
Freezer Paper
Papers Tape
Sewing Supplies
Seam ripper

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