Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Burlap Slip-Sash Pillow

  While on my pillow kick I decided to try making a couple of slip covers for some of my pillows. I found a tutorial for a easy slip cover from the V and Co: blog (but there are lot of them to be found on Pinterest).
  I got a yard of cloth at Joann's Fabrics for $2.50 on sale - I was pretty proud of my find. I measured my pillow and cut out my cloth to fit.

  Here is the pillow I was covering: it had beads on it so I had to remove them first.

  I hemmed the two back pieces and then pinned them to the front piece right sides together and then sewed them together.

  I had seen a sash-slip tutorial  on Pinterest and I decided I wanted to put a burlap sash on my pillow (I had the burlap left over from doing the back of my pallet frame). I used the grain of the burlap to cut a straight line and then hemmed the two ends so they wouldn't unravel.  I left the sides undone, I just liked how it looked.

  When I got my sewing machine from my grandmother she had given me a bucket of buttons so I dumped them out and found some buttons I liked to add to my pillow.

  I hand sewed my sash and then sewed the buttons onto the sash. Once the sash was in place I stitched it to the pillow.

  Here it is with one of my Spray Paint Canvas Pillows, I love how it looks! It turned out super cute and only cost me $1.25, since I already had the burlap, the buttons and the pillow.

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