Friday, February 14, 2014

Playing Card Garland

  I saw this ideas for Playing Card Garland on Pintrest (where else) and thought "Wow that looks easy and I would be a cute way to decorate for Valentines day!

  So off to Walmart I went to find playing cards (they were $1.99 a pack there). I also bought a pack of quilting fabric to cut the ribbons out of, and I got some white ribbon to hang them on.  In the tutorial I linked above she used ribbon not fabric but the fabric was cheaper and what I could find so I went with that.

  I punched holes in the cards and strung them on the ribbon, I especially liked the way the face cards looked so I tried to space them out along the garland.

  I just cut the ribbon to length and tied loops at each end to hang over the tacks I put up. I bought three decks of cards, made five different strands, and put them up in different rooms in our house!

  The lighting in our bathroom is terrible for pictures but this is on the bathroom window!

  I did a strand across my crate shelves, the pictures doesn't do it justice - its really cute! (Might be my favorite one)!

  Then in the kitchen I did a strand across the bookcase!

 And one at the kitchen window, again the lighting is so bad that I had to use Sepia in my editing software so that you can see it! Note the beautiful snowstorm we are having!

  The largest strand I did was across my server mantel!

  I just had some fun taking different shots of that garland and editing and cropping them!

  Playing card garland is quick and easy and looks really cute for Valentine's Day!

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