Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Egg Wreath and Mantel

For all the projects we have been doing, only a few of them have made it to the blog!  We are finished with a major basement reconstruction, and have a baby due in the next few days, so blogging has unfortunately fallen to the bottom of our list of things to do!  Here's a catch-up post from spring.

Like usual with my projects, it started with a Pinterest search for 'egg wreath' ideas and came across this idea on Crafty Sisters to spray paint Easter eggs to use on a wreath.

  I had a bunch of eggs in my Easter decoration that I had used in the past so I dug those out and then asked Andrew what we had for white or light colored spray paint in the basement (He often will pick up half used cans of spray paint at yard sales for free, and they are great for projects like these). Well, turns out we had two cans of off-white textured spray paint. 

  I laid the eggs out on cardboard and spray painted them. In this picture you see some primary color eggs: I didn't end using those in the wreath because I liked the way the pastel ones looked better. Sadly, that meant I had to go buy another bag of Easter eggs - but they were $2 for 100 at Target.

  I had planned to fleck the eggs with brown or gray to give them a speckled looked but the textured paint gave them a flecked/speckled look all on its own so I just left them.

  I bought a grapevine wreath at Michael's for $5 and hot glue my painted eggs to it!

  It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! :)

   Here is in on my server mantel! The bunting I made for a bridal shower I hosted earlier this year and I bought the pussy willows and green vase at Michael's back in February.  Perrin things it's great to have a "tree" in the house.

 A close up of my pussywillows!

  Here is the link to the bunting pattern I used to make this. I love that you can print out the pattern and choose between four different sizes. I used the 4.5 inch one here, with six different colored papers. I love the way it turned out and have done a couple of different ones since then!

  I like the way my Spring Mantel turned out, simple but cute! (And it only cost me $7).

Supplies needed:
 * 60 plus Easter eggs
 * Grapevine Wreath
 * Textured Spray Paint
 * Hot Glue

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