Monday, January 6, 2014

Burlap Africa Print

 Back in September I made a Burlap Leaf Print for my server mantel, it was a super easy project and something I knew I would try again. While thinking about Christmas gifts and what to make different people in my family I came up with the idea of doing a burlap print of Africa for my brother and his wife, who are in the process of adopting from the country of  Uganda.  If you have ever been to any African country it doesn't soon leave you. What the people are like, the climate, the culture - its amazing! Everyone is excited for this child to join the family, so I figured a burlap print of Africa with a heart over Uganda would be a special gift.

  I bought a black frame at Ikea (took the mat out), used a piece of brown scrapbook paper for the back ground and rough cut a piece of burlap to fit inside the frame (I'm still using the burlap I bought to do the Pallet Frame we made back in August). I just Googled Africa and looked for a good piece of clip art, sized it and printed it out.

Ikea frame, burlap, scrapbook paper and Africa template.

Rough cut burlap.

  Getting ready to trace my African template onto freezer paper.

  Once your template is traced you have to cut the inside out, I just used scissors and cut slowly. Then you iron the template to the burlap, I also ironed the little heart I had cut out at this time too. Then off to the garage to spray paint. I just used some black spray paint that I had on hand - I thought about using a different color but somehow the black frame with the brown paper and burlap made black seem the the right paint for the project. I'm glad I chose it but it turned out awesome!

  The sky is the limit with this project - you could do anything and I'm sure you'll see more burlap prints from me1

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