Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Burlap Leaf Print

  I found this project while I was looking at recipes on Domestically Speaking and thought I knew just the place where it would go. Our mantel is a bit shallow so I'm limited on what I can do on it but we have a piece of Higgins family furniture in our living room which we call "the server" and it had a nice mantel top which I have been having fun decorating.

  I decided to do an oak leaf (she did a maple leaf) so I looked online for a piece of free clip art, put it into Microsoft Word, and enlarged it to fill an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and printed it out. Then I cut it out, traced it onto freezer paper (which is great stuff) and ironed it on to a piece of burlap that I had cut to fit a frame that I had on hand. I liked the way in her blog the burlap looked roughly cut so I didn't show any care while I cut the burlap. 

 Took it out to the garage to spray paint (I used leftover paint from my Spray Paint Canvas Pillows).

  I let it dry for a bit and then took off the freezer paper and put it in the frame. I covered the inside back of the frame with two pieces of scrapbook paper. I just overlapped them, if you look close you can see the seam but you have to look.

  Then I put it up on the server mantel!

  The mirror came from my grandmother and was in my room growing up; the sprigs of berries I got at a yard sale for $.50. I just added some leaves I bought at Christmas Tree Shop last fall and two pictures of Perrin as a baby - those will get replaced with something more "fall" but at the moment I don't have anything else.

  I love this picture just because you can see a happy little man at play, as well as my awesome server mantel!

  This project didn't cost me a cent. I had the burlap from the Pallet Frame project, I had the spray paint from my Pillows and the frame I had from something or other and it was just sitting in the closet. I'm thinking I might try this framed burlap picture idea again for a different season - not sure for what but you'll have to keep our eyes peeled for something in the future.

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