Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Slip Covered Throw Pillow with Burlap Roses

  I had one more throw pillow to make a slip cover for, I followed the directions I found on V and Co: to make the slip cover.

  Here is my slip cover laid out after sewing, just before it was turned right side out and had the pillow stuffed in.

  I had seen Burlap roses and thought that might be fun to add to a pillow so I found a tutorial on Shabby Love and followed her directions. They were very easy to make!

  I cut the burlap to different widths - top one is  1 x 12 the middle is 2 x 18 and the bottom is 3 x 18. I iron the burlap strips before I started the gluing process.
 I found the thicker and longer ones the easier to work with. You just roll and twist and add some hot glue here and there and try to be careful not to burn yourself and in no time you have some burlap roses.

  I added a bit of ribbon I had on hand to the pillow to add to the look!

  I don't think it took me more then a half hour from the cutting of the slip cover to the gluing on of the roses. I think it turned out very cute, a nice addition to my Spray Paint Canvas and Burlap Slip-Sash pillows.

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