Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Gifts - Homemade Moose Munch

Homemade Christmas Gifts

  Since we called the blog Creations By ASH, Andrew reminded me that the 'S' part of the team should write some posts too!  I know it's January, but I couldn't very well post the homemade Christmas presents until after everyone had got them, so I'm posting them all now!

  I made a bunch of different presents, so be sure to check out the posts for my other projects!

Homemade Moose Munch

  I don’t know about you but I really like Moose Munch from Harry and David.  It’s yummy stuff and makes a nice gift, but unfortunately, it's not cheap!  I started wondering about whether I could make some myself for Christmas presents, so I began to look for a recipe on Pinterest.  I found a blog with a great recipe!   

  I didn’t take pictures while making the Moose Much (sorry), since it was quite a crazy night.  It was just me and the baby when I decided to try my hand at this recipe, and it was one disaster after another!  First my microwave decided to die and I only had half my pop corn popped, so I changed my plans and started to make Chocolate Caramel Covered Pretzel Bark.  Halfway through that, my microwave resurrected itself, so I ended up working on both projects at once.  I wound up using the caramel recipe from the pretzel bark for the moose munch, the recipe was easier.
  Side Note on the Chocolate Caramel Covered Pretzel Bark - the only thing I did differently than her blog was to melt the chocolate in the microwave and spread it on.  I thought it looked "prettier" that way. 

  Back to the Moose Munch…. I followed Leah Belle's blog for the rest of the Moose Munch, making two different kinds - Milk Chocolate with Almonds, and White Chocolate with Cranberries. Both were yummy!

  Then came’s the dilemma of “how” to give the Moose Munch as a gift.  Wrapping a present is just as important as making it!  I came up with the idea (no help from Pinterest here!) to use yogurt containers.  They are a nice size and shape, and the yogurt brand I buy (Chobani) comes in a container with a clear lid so  you could see the moose munch through it.  

  At first I was going to wrap them in Christmas paper, but I realized the labels peeled off very easily. Unfortunately, they left a few spots were the label glue had been. I didn't really want to take the time to scrape that off, so I hot glued some strategically placed ribbon on the top and bottom covering it up. I also tried a bow on one, but the lid didn't fit quite right with it so I didn't do it to the rest.

  I had some label stickers and I just wrote the flavor on the label and stuck it to the top (it didn't stick well to the side).

  Simple as …… well, Moose Munch!  The recipe I followed filled up five tubs of Moose Munch, and only cost me $5.00!  I guess they make a lot of money off those little bags of Moose Munch!


  1. What a great idea! I like your creative recycling of yogurt tubs. I'm glad my recipe came in handy!

    1. Thanks! It was lots of fun and very yummy! I enjoyed your recipe alot!