Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Gifts - Gift Tags

Homemade Christmas Gifts

  Since we called the blog Creations By ASH, Andrew reminded me that the 'S' part of the team should write some posts too!  I know it's January, but I couldn't very well post the homemade Christmas presents until after everyone had got them, so I'm posting them all now!

  I made a bunch of different presents, so be sure to check out the posts for my other projects!

Gift Tags

  I love to wrap gifts, to me it’s all about the presentation! There is something fun about gifting a well wrapped gift.  Johanna had pinned this web site and it was all about using initials as gift tags, the lady is pretty creative. I didn't have a book to cut up or the time to do something super elaborate, so instead I raided my scrap-booking supplies. I used scraps of paper leftover from other projects and a bunch of stickers I had -  I always seem to have random letter stickers left over from this or that scrapbook page, and this was an awesome way to use them up!

  I cut the scraps of paper into different size squares or rectangles, punched a hole in the top, strung a piece of jute (same stuff I used on the Sock Snowmen) through it, and picked out a initial sticker that matched my paper tag.

  Simple and easy gift tags for my presents! They actually made a pretty cute Christmas tree ornament, too – my mother in law loves to save things like that as memories!

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