Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Gifts - Sock Snowmen

Homemade Christmas Gifts

  Since we called the blog Creations By ASH, Andrew reminded me that the 'S' part of the team should write some posts too!  I know it's January, but I couldn't very well post the homemade Christmas presents until after everyone had got them, so I'm posting them all now!

  I made a bunch of different presents, so be sure to check out the posts for my other projects!

Sock Snowmen

 I found these (actually, all of these gifts) on Pinterest (got to love that place) and saved them away until the holiday season.  This particular project project was inspired by ThenSheMade.   That post has blow-by-blow directions (it doesn't get much easier), so just check out her blog for how to make them - I won't reinvent the wheel by giving the full instructions, but will mention two things I learned while making them:

1.)  I found the socks were hard to fill with rice, so I cut down a paper towel tube, put one end into the sock, then poured the rice from a flexible paper cup.

2.)   I made a huge mess the first time, so for my second "snowman" I put a 9x13 pan under it as I was filling him – it kept what rice I did spill contained (with an 8 month old who is learning to crawl I didn't need rice to worry about.)

* Tube Socks – I got them at Target for $1.50 (you get two snowmen out of a pair).
* Ankle Socks – I found these at Target too, ranging from .25 to .45 cents.  They were all purples and neon colors, not my favorite but I made them work. Target also sells sets of six socks that have the same color scheme but are all slightly different - those worked out nicely, the ones I picked out were grey, pink and white.
* Rice – I got a 20 pound bag at Market Basket, I made 9 snowmen out of that bag.  I think that was $10.00 for the bag.
* Jute –  I got a huge spool from Michael's for $10, but didn't use the whole thing.  
* Buttons – I had a bucket from another craft project, and also got some from my awesome sister-in-law Johanna, so I didn't have to buy these. She also had some of the cute snowflake, flowers, hearts etc .buttons I used to accessorize the snowmen.
* Toothpicks - “ThenSheMade” used kabob skewers for the noses, but in November I just couldn't find any, so I resorted to toothpicks – they just stuck right into the snowman’s face (ouch). Honestly I think the kabobs would work better.
* Hot glue gun, scissors and rubber bands

All together, each snowman cost me about $3 to make, not bad for a homemade gift!

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