Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Gifts - Photo Magnets

Homemade Christmas Gifts

  Since we called the blog Creations By ASH, Andrew reminded me that the 'S' part of the team should write some posts too!  I know it's January, but I couldn't very well post the homemade Christmas presents until after everyone had got them, so I'm posting them all now!

  I made a bunch of different presents, so be sure to check out the posts for my other projects!

Photo Magnets

  This might just be my favorite gift I made this year!  I also made a few just for us, which is a good thing because I forgot to take pictures of the others before I wrapped them up and gave them away :)

  I had been looking on Pinterest for Christmas ideas and came across the idea for photo pendants on this blog  I don't see most of the people in my family actually wearing "photo pendants", so I decided to try making magnets instead.

  All the supplies for this gift were brought from an Etsy shop, Candy Tiles Studio.   This shop was awesome to work with, even going so far as to allow me to buy extra magnets to match the lot size of the tiles.  My package came quickly, too, which is always a bonus. 

  Andrew sized and printed the pictures for me on a sheet of regular white card stock.  I used the medium tiles, so each picture was as close to a square as possible, measuring 1.28" on the widest side.  Then I cut out the picture (I just used scissors but I’m sure a paper cutter would work too) and glued it to the tile using  the Diamond Glaze I bought at the Etsy shop.

  My first couple of magnets looked streaky when they were done, almost like you could see the brush marks in the Diamond Glaze.  After a little bit of experimenting, I found if you dipped your paint brush into water first and then the Diamond Glaze it eliminated the streaking.  I was using a cheap dollar-store paint brush, so maybe a higher quality one wouldn't need that?

  Once the glaze had dried, I just attached the magnets to the back of the tile with hot glue.

  And just like that you have a simple and cute gift for those you love. I made these for my sister in laws using pictures of their children, my mom and mother in law with pictures of their grandson, and my grandparents of their great grandson.  I even made a few magnets for Andrew’s sister, who is working at a clinic in Aibai, Papua New Guinea for a year.

  My favorite response to the magnets was in a thank-you card from my grandmother: “I have the cute picture of Perrin on my frig – he’s very polite, never says ‘don’t eat that, it’ll make you fat.”  I hope it brings smiles to their faces each time they look at them; I know it does when I look at mine.

Tiles – I bought the medium square ones, but you can use any size.
Small paint brush
Cup for water and small paper plate for glue 
Hot glue gun (or super glue)

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